Your Gift to IAVI

MKM 4487-web Sokomoto/IAVIWhat was true when IAVI was founded in 1996 remains true today: The world needs an AIDS vaccine. Your gift can help fulfill that need.

We believe that no single tool would do more than an AIDS vaccine to curb the HIV pandemic–and so alleviate the poverty and economic stagnation caused by AIDS in many developing countries. Your gift will help make the dream of a world without AIDS a reality.

When you make a gift to IAVI, 82 cents of every dollar goes directly to AIDS vaccine research and programs. You can be confident that your donation will make a real and lasting difference in the quest for a vaccine. IAVI is wholly committed to fiscal responsibility and the proper use and management of all donor funds.

There are many ways you can support IAVI and help make a world without AIDS a reality. Join us now and be among the deeply committed individuals who share our vision.

Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe, wife of the late tennis champion Arthur Ashe, is a Director of the Arthur Ashe Endowment for the Defeat of AIDS and a photographer whose work has been exhibited and published around the world.

I am doing everything I can to help IAVI discover a vaccine and end this disease. Under the skillful and passionate leadership of Margie McGlynn, I am confident that IAVI can achieve this goal.

- Jeanne Ashe